Rising Storm @ KLANGLICHT 2022

Light- & Sound Installation

The theme of the university performance at the Klanglicht Festival 2022 in Graz was "Growth". For our project we interpreted this theme in a naturalistic and realistic way by looking at mother nature: We believe that growth is omnipresent not only in living organisms, but also in natural forces. That's why we took a closer look on one of the most fascinating whims of nature – a storm. The light- and soundshow "Rising Storm" stages a cinematic storm that gradually brews, rages over the spectators at its peak and finally subsides. While Sound Designers were in charge of the sound, Interaction and Media Designers were responsible for the lightshow, which we realized by programming several movingheads and LED bars using Unreal Engine and Resolume. The hard work paid off in form of high visitor numbers and very good feedback on our installation.


Unversity project

Anna Mitterhauser
Max Müller
Thomas Pschaid
Florian Schaubmaier

Unreal Engine
Adobe After Effects
Resolume Arena

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